Bracing FOR Something

Published January 14, 2014 by mssprinkle

First, here’s the link to a great post…

I loved this so much I shared it on facebook.  I’m not really sharing my blog on facebook yet.  I invited some important people over here for a look, because I don’t want to get caught up in being anonymous.  I wanted to feel like people I care about are looking.  I care about the strangers who are reading, too, but not in the same way.

When I shared Simply Sage’s beautiful work on my facebook page, I was so pleased that several friends responded favorably.  I like it when what I find beautiful is found beautiful by others.  I also liked that several of the folks who went to the trouble to make a facebook comment on my share were people that have been through a lot with me.  It fit the post.  We have stood together, maybe not in the The Polar Vortex, but through disasterous teenagers and life-threatening diseases.  Those cold little birds have got nothing on us.

For many of the friends in my flock, we gather quite frequently together at First Presbyterian Church.  Much like the ladies in the original post looked out the window at the birds, I think God might indeed be watching us perched in our pews, clutching for dear life in the breath-stealing storms of our lives.  Thank heavens for birdseed and company.

Yes, as Ms. Sage suggested, there is pecking and pettiness when the wind dies down.  We tend to forget that we’re all in this together.  Maybe my storms are just too recent, my feathers a little too wet still, but as I think about this I want to call up a few old buzzards and request, if not forgiveness, at least a hatchet-burying.  The wind will whip back up, I think, and it will be too cold to worry about who’s standing by whom at the birdbath or whose nest was highest in the tree.  We’re all in this together.  Let’s be ready when the storms come again.

Ms. Sage states that she can sing first soprano in her charming “Less About Me” section.  I am a lowly alto.  I can’t do what she can do musically, and I can’t really do what she has shown she can do with her blog, either.  Yet.  What joy it gave me to share her work!  And what reassurance it brought to see my friends flocking together in appreciation.


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  • First of all, I can’t help but respond to this. Number one, you have done me great honor by featuring me on one of your first posts. Thank you! Second, please don’t label yourself a “lowly alto”. If I wasn’t born a first soprano my ultimate second choice would be to sing alto. The lovely moving parts bring incredible weight and support to the entire musical experience. Plus, the only reason I mentioned singing is that in this day and age, unless you are a big name, very few sing in a capacity that requires rigor, commitment, and quality. In other words, it’s great to find a fellow choir member! Yes, yes, yes! I just included the singing because I thought it was something kind of unique in this day. Third, it’s so nice to meet someone who also loves church. These days the Christian church experience is so varied that it’s hard to find anyone who still loves the liturgical experience. I absolutely love the church, with all of its wrinkles and hypocrisy. When I hear people say they avoid church because of the hypocrisy, I just say what’s wrong with adding one more to the bunch? We are there because we are needy sinners in need of repentance and forgiveness. Church takes us to ancient spiritual roots and cleanses us again. The Word of God given in a focused setting reminds us of our deep need of Jesus the Christ. Our inner person needs a thorough cleansing and reclothing every week. And now fourth, how can I not follow your blog? I love the way this post dovetailed mine and I am going to add this link to the Vortex post. You added great resonance to the whole thing. It is for someone like you that I wrote it.
    Thank you so much again.
    Alexandria Sage (of SimplySage)

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