Do not allow the Perfect to be the enemy of the Very Good…

Published October 11, 2014 by mssprinkle

Long time no see!

School started and I got busy.  But there is a lot going on in my life that I find comment-worthy, so I have carved out a bit of time to do so.

In no particular order…

My daughter is not mad at me right now.  She’s not exactly my best friend, either, but it’s just so nice to be able to call her up to ask about the pronunciation of a French word or to receive a random text from her on a Tuesday that I can hardly stand it.  I know it’s not what I eventually would like.  I am so happy with how things ARE that I’m not even worrying about how much better they could be.

Best friends with cancer will add to one’s worry burden.  Two of mine are doing really well right now.  Yes, they still have to get checked a lot.  One is very old, but happy and healthy for an old gal.  The other one just retired, and is not so old, and the skin-graft surgery last month was a huge success.  Sucks that she required such a thing, but HOORAY for success!

My new job is FUN.  Yes, the drive (40 minutes each way) is a drive, and especially in the afternoon it makes me even more tired.  But things have gotten off to a rollicking start and I think this may be a really darned good year in the classroom for me. I can’t wait to see how far we can go!

My cat died.  Hard to sugarcoat that one, but she was 18 and didn’t suffer much.  Now my dog, who is 2, has taken over the cat’s primo cuddle spot on the back of my easy chair, and I find myself strangely lighter knowing that kitty is no longer struggling with the simple business of moving.  It had gotten really hard for her in the last couple of weeks.  I cried some yesterday, but I also know that last vet visit was the best possible final act of taking good care of that cat.  Loved her.  Love having somebody to lean on to help me through it, too.

What can you look around for in your life that’s WAY BETTER than it could be?  Be optimistic!  Take a hold of that half-full attitude opportunity and breathe.  I may not be able to sustain this feeling for long, but today it’s easy to be grateful.

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