About (which is a preposition)

A kindergartener who visited my fifth grade classroom once in a while when his “medicine dropped him off,” started calling me Miss Sprinkle.  I learned to love that little boy, although he drove EVERYBODY crazy!  I especially loved his name for me, and the fact that he loved me.

Miss Sprinkle has been through a lot.  But I think I am still pretty sparkly.  I am almost fifty now, and there have been a lot of changes… I’m not trying to be June Cleaver any more, but I definitely have a new kind of Happily Ever After in progress.

This is not just a blog for teachers, but I have some stuff to share with teachers and people who care about them.  It’s not really aimed at parents, but being a parent is just part of who I AM.  So is being a Presbyterian.  So is being a Texan.  And a musician.  And a daughter.  And a friend.  And a survivor.


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