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Mirror, Mirror

Published January 25, 2014 by mssprinkle

“Who is that girl I see,

staring straight back at me?”

Yep, I know the words to almost every Disney song.  Not only do I know the words, but they leap unbidden into my mind at the most surprising moments, providing a soundtrack I am embarrassed to share with most of my adult friends.

That snippet is from Mulan.  Anybody else been taking the rampant quizzes on facebook lately?  One of my buddies got Mulan as her “What Disney Princess Are You?” result, and said she didn’t even know Mulan.  Not only do I know who Mulan is, I know her songs and I sing them to myself.  Mulan is strong and brave and resourceful and fierce and wonderful.  I would LOVE to get Mulan.

I got Ariel.  Don’t get me wrong, Ariel has good songs, too.  She’s charming and vivacious but she isn’t the one I wanted.  I like her, but I don’t admire her like I admire Mulan.  I am not really a person who puts excessive stock in facebook quizzes (I hope), but I would like to think that I am more like the characters I admire. Ariel has such bad judgement! 

Unfortunately I know that real life isn’t much like a Disney movie.  And I know that I am not brave.  But I do spend a few minutes looking in the mirror each morning, admiring myself and feeling grateful for my grandmother who taught me to smile and primp and give myself that vital pep talk each day.  Putting on make-up is a way to celebrate myself.  I am pretty, and I have always been pretty.  It’s nice to be pretty, princess. It’s better to be nice.  It would be even better to be brave.